Hey, my name is PTT. and welcome to my blog, birthplace of the pttphoto.


This is a photoblog of my life in San Diego — the whos, whats, wheres, whens and sometimes whys.

Here is where I keep all the photos and memories I want to remember (and some that I want to forget) because who knows if I’m prone to amnesia or Alzheimer’s.

Actually, these aren’t all of my memories. Most of them didn’t involve a camera so I won’t post long drawn out stories without nice things to look at (I know some of you are illiterate and just like to look at pretty pictures) and if there is no picture evidence of these said memories, then I’m not really sure if they ever happened. Ha.

Translation: This is ME talking about ME and the things ME do. Ha. (You know the whole narcissistic/grammatically incorrect thing.)



  1. hey Patrick its nick vandegriffe, im writing you from iraq and have seen your work on this site. damn is the only word i can muster and you truly have a gift with that camera. the pictures you have taken of my friends is seriously appreciated and the ones of merri really means more now than you could ever know. I know we dont kick it much but i really want to tell you that seeing merri means the world to me and i thank you for sharing your gift with me during my time here.

  2. You are definitely welcome. I’m glad that I can bring a piece of home to you in Iraq. It must be really intense out there and anything that can remind you of home is probably comforting. Stay safe.

  3. nick v. i ruv you nigga!

  4. Love the pics of becca…. Still smoking, sultry, hot.

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. oh my god patrick that is totally my friends dad and that is fucking gross. he’s older than my real dad! seriously ew. let’s like ew. uhmm wheres the shoot btw i need to get that done i got no mo time!!

    • whoa… haha…

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