Posted by: Patrick | December 22, 2008

Fear Before House Show.

Fear Before.
Dr. Manhattan.

More pictures after the cut.



  1. Patrick! You are amazing.
    You captured my friends personalities through photos.
    I love you dearly.

  2. No you are amazing. I love you too. Thanks for the invite. You made my finals week at school interesting. Can you say “drunk doing the final exam”!! haha

  3. Hahahahaha hope you got a good grade!

  4. I hope so too. I have yet to find out though. I had the highest grade in this particular class so I shouldn’t get less than a B overall if I completely sucked on the final.

  5. wow! tostie loco!

  6. lol

  7. Haha wow I was just looking at my photos from this show and found yours. What a sick night!

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