Posted by: Patrick | January 19, 2008


Should I take down the passwords? YES or NO.

Leave your answer to this question as a comment.



  1. YES.

  2. much work. besides no one else is trying to get into these unless you personally give the link/

  3. You should check out my blog stats in the sidebar on the right side. It has a map of people that look at my site. Lots of people aren’t from San Diego and I know almost no one outside of here.

  4. i like the password. sometimes there are pics up that i dont want anyone else to see haha so for that reason i like the password.

  5. no anna lee too bad we all have shitty pictures just love the pictures for the moments you probably dont remember! and that means too much work on the passwords patty, id say TAKE EM DOWN.

  6. yeah, i was thinking the same thing too. so far, its three against one for taking them down. if i don’t get some more no’s, then I’m taking the passwords away. its too much work trying to remember them all for me…

  7. yeah.. i can never remember the passwords either.. my midget brain can’t handle it.

  8. Okay, so the consensus is NO PASSWORD. I’ll leave this up for a couple more days and then I’ll make the final decision based on the votes but so far they are GONE!!

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