Posted by: Patrick | January 1, 2008

New Years!!!

Alise came and picked me up after work and we went to her house. Everyone was going to get dressed up and come over to celebrate the new year — both friends old and new. Nick and Amanda came over after they walked from Santee to the beach. Man, now that is a workout!! Alise’s mom made some nice treats for everyone –shrimp (with this awesome dipping sauce, that apparently ony I liked)and some nachos with cheese and chicken nuggets.

At the stroke of midnight, everyone came to the front lawn and opened their champagne bottles. The rest is all a blur, but hey! Can ya blame me? It was fucking new years!!

The below picture is the only one I like of me… so if you have any other pictures with me in them from new years, can you send them please…. ?? I saw a bunch of cameras that night and I hope this isn’t the only decent picture of me.

Eat some shrimp, bitches!

More pictures here ====>



  1. holy shit

  2. is that a good holy shit or a bad one?

  3. holy shit in a good way..I love how everyone is so pasty(me)..haha can’t wait for summer
    new years was AWESOME at Alise’s..

  4. Yeah, everyone’s a ghost image of their real (summer) selves.

    I’m glad that its a good holy shit and I’m glad you made it! So fun!

  5. patrick, the pictures are so much fun! thanks for documenting new years for all of us

  6. Your welcome. And I should thank you for being part of why my New Years was so fun!

  7. nice photos, I have never even seen this site! i really like it. I wish i was there. practicing my drunk poses. Happy New Years!

  8. Thanks. I wish you were here too! That would have made it more fun than it already was. Maybe next New Years we’ll be celebrating together.

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