Posted by: Patrick | December 29, 2007

Scolari’s / Zombie Lounge.

Amanda picked me up and got some beer. We drank a little and went to Scolari’s. We met up with Trevor and went in. There were a couple of bands playing but I didn’t catch any of their names. We played pool for a bit or should I say Trevor and Amanda played pool for a bit. We got a pitcher and chilled on that for a while. While they were playing pool, I met some guy who came up to me after seeing my tattoos. We talked for a bit about tattoos and he said he could get me pretty cheap tattoos from his friends — definitely have to pick him up on that offer when I get some spare cash.

After the pool, we left to go to Zombie. Some bands were playing there, as well. Which ones, I don’t recall. I met this cool couple there. The chick was in town for vacation or something and was leaving tomorrow. Hope she had fun in San Diego.

More pictures here ====>


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