Posted by: Patrick | December 26, 2007

Scolari’s Office.

Megan and Sorrina came and picked me up to go to Zombie Lounge. My friend Mike was going to meet up with someone there and called me to come and hang out. We got there and I looked around and didn’t see him so I sent him a text. He texted me back saying that he was at another bar in South Park. We left Zombie Lounge to go to Scolari’s in North Park, where they were doing karoake night.

I’ve never been there for that so I thought it was really cool. Emily and Heather were there too so we all hung out. After a while, we walked to Pink Elephant to check it out. It was hip hop night at Pink Elephant and as we were walking to PE, a (drunk?) guy in a big group of people that were leaving it shouted,

“They tease you with a taste of hip hop.” Ha.

After being there for a short time, we went back to Scolari’s and then In-N-Out before going home.

More pictures here====>


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