Posted by: Patrick | December 22, 2007

Scolari’s Office.

Sorrina was in town so her, Megan, and John picked me up to go barhopping in North Park. We went to Pink Elephant first but Megan and I went to CVS so I could get a tall can before heading into the bar. We got back and I saw Judah sitting in front. I hadn’t seen her for a bit so it was good talking to her if only for a brief moment. I had to cut off the conversation because Megan, Sorrina, and John were over Pink Elephant and were already walking to Scolari’s Office.

Judah said that it was a benefit for this girl who died on Monday. She was a victim of a shooting or something. Interestingly enough, Sorrina said that her friend was in the hospital due to a random shooting as well. We were thinking they Sorrina’s friend and the girl who passed away might have been together and got shoot. Sorrina said it was an unknown assailant so they have no clue who did it. Its scary because she said that he got shot a couple blocks from where the bars we were at are.

Then we went to In-N-Out to get the drunkies some food.

More pictures here ====>



  1. Which one of the persons in this picture is Judah? I just find it interesting.


  2. Actually, Judah isn’t pictured in any of the pictures. I just ran into her at the bar.

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