Posted by: Patrick | December 19, 2007

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Musical!

I went with Cristina and Rosie to the premiere of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street today. We went as part of the Channel 93.3 crew with Dorothy. We got there early and helped set up some signs and then got some awesome seats — upper middle towards the back. Also, there were seats reserved for the workers at 93.3 and some seats reserved for the Press. They were obviously reserved due to them being taped off and signs being posted on the seats themselves but for some reason, when it comes to seating at movies the most ignorant, illiterate people seem to flock. It mostly seemed to be old people that have no respect since they were the ones with the audacity to remove the tape and signs and say, “They’re open now.” Bring your glasses next time, you old hag. Reserved means reserved. Get your dusty ass off the seat. If your seat was taken, you would start a big commotion so what gives you the right to take someone else’s. My seat wasn’t taken nor was anyone I knew but I just have no empathy for disrespectful people no matter how old or low your tits sag.

Now on with the movie. I only found out the hour before we got there that the movie was a musical. It kind of put me off to watching the movie but I figured since it was free, it was still worth a shot no matter how irritating it may sound. Overall, the movie and plot was really interesting and kept you interested but the singing was at times unbearable. I’m not a big fan of musicals and the fact that every girl sang in such a high pitch wasn’t helping it grow on me.

The basic plot of the movie is that a barber, his wife, and their daughter were living a happy life until a judge falls in love with the wife and orders the barber away to prison (or something) for no reason. He comes back and seeks revenge …on everyone.

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SPOILER ALERT: (every twist and turn is revealed)…

So a sailor named Anthony saves the barber (formerly Benjamin Barker, now renamed as Sweeney Todd) and takes him back to London. Todd goes back to the place that he used to live and meets Ms. Lovett’s, the owner of the building that he used to live in. She sells the worst meat pies in London and admired Barker since before he was sent away. She tells him what happened after he left: the wife was tricked by the judge into going to his party, she was sexually abused by the judge at the party, and then she poisons herself. Todd seeks revenge on the judge. Meanwhile, the sailor spots the daughter, now 15 years old, in a window and falls in love with her. He is told that she is imprisoned by the judge by a old beggar. He vows to free her. Meanwhile, Todd proves his barber skills in front of the town by outdoing the existing best barber played by BORAT!! Borat then visits Todd with his little boy apprentice and Todd kills Borat and they keep Borat’s apprentice, Toby. Wondering what to do with the bodies, Ms. Lovett’s says to use the bodies to make pies and she soon has the best pies in London and business booms for both of them. He kills everyone that goes in and she makes them into pies. Soon things go wrong. Anthony frees the daughter, Joanna, and hides her in the barber shop. She hides in a chest when her mother, the old beggar, comes up to look for her. Todd comes up too and is startled by the old beggar/his old wife and kills her. Then the judge comes up looking for Joanna and Todd kills him. Todd goes down stairs where the bodies end up and notices that the old beggar WAS his wife and Ms. Lovett lied to him about his wife being dead. He throws her into the oven and mourns his wife. Then Toby, who loved Ms. Lovett for saving him from a life in the workhouse, kills Sweeney Todd.

THE END. officially spoiled and the movie isn’t out yet.


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