Posted by: Patrick | December 19, 2007

Craigslist and Old People.

Why I love Craigslist and old people — actually, its the combination of the two. So I’m selling some of my stuff that I don’t need or even use anymore on Craigslist and I get some replies for some of my stuff. One is my white Game Boy Advance that I’m bundling with a Super Mario game. Everyone in the world knows what a Game Boy is from kids (who are the Game Boy’s target audience), parents (who are the ones that are usually bugged to get them), to grandparents (who the parents suggest to to get them for the kids for Christmas). Everyone knows what a Game Boy is!! Everyone except this elderly lady.

Here’s what the phone call was like when I called her after she wrote me a reply email stating that she wanted the Game Boy Advance:

Her: Hello.

Me: Hi, I’m calling about the Game Boy Advance.

Her: The what!?!

Me: The Game Boy Advance.

(long pause)

Me: From Craigslist.

Her: OH! The Game Boy. What is that? Does it plug into the tv?

Me: No, its a portable gaming system.

Her: I’m sorry. That’s not what we were looking for.

Who the f doesn’t know what a Game Boy is… Come on, they’ve been around for nearly twenty years now.


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