Posted by: Patrick | December 17, 2007

Doing Laundry.

Doing laundry is the worst experience ever.

Everything about doing it is miserable.First off, you usually put off doing it because its rather boring having to wait for things to be done washing/drying especially if you are doing it at home with only one washer and one dryer that you can put to use.

Second, you are usually stuck wearing the ugliest clothes because you procrastinate so long that you really have to do it that day or you’ll be resembling the emperor with his new clothes.

Third, you are often forced to switch the type of underwear you wear from the ones you prefer — in my case, boxers — to ones you despise — briefs.

Fourth, it takes forever for the entire washing and drying process to complete. In the meantime, you are contemplating ways to either entertain yourself, kill yourself, or how to create a utopian society where either no one wears the same thing twice (eliminating the laundry experience and thus, the word from the society’s dictionary) or researching nudist colonies.



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