Posted by: Patrick | December 14, 2007

Hooker/Hobo Party.

Sara and Ari came down to San Diego from LA. They came and picked me up when they got into town and we went to the party shortly after. It was Ari’s and someone else’s birthday party and they had a hooker/hobo theme party. I was going to dress in the theme but I just stayed in my clothes from my early interview. I probably looked like a douche. Ha.

I didn’t really know too many people there but I invited some people. Only was able to physically get there before I got incapable of handling myself or talk on the phone properly. Apparently the cops came around eleven and I don’t remember the cops being there at all so I guess that means I was blacked out before eleven. Lame. I seriously don’t remember a thing and I didn’t take any pictures so I don’t know what I did.

Sara said she kicked everyone off the couch and put me to sleep on there but when I woke up, I had the tiniest portion of the couch and was sleeping sitting up and being slightly kicked every now and then by the feet of the person who took my spot. I woke up and was amazed at how trashed the place was. There were broken glasses and mugs, overturned furniture, and just chaos.

Later that morning, this girl walks downstairs and calls her friend, “Pick me up. I’m cold and wet and not in a good way.” I ask her what happened and she said that she slept in the plant room — at the house where the party was at, there is this room where its just a bunch of plants — and someone watered them this morning and watered her too. That sucks.

More pictures here ====>


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