Posted by: Patrick | December 1, 2007

Red Fox Room.

Or should I call it the X Room.Alise, Melinda, Frankie, Kevin and Tony went to the Red Fox Room to chill. We waited around at Papa Johns before to wait til Kevin got off. There was this weird ass stray dog just roaming the parking lot. It reminded me of being in a developing country and rabid dogs just roam the streets. I’m sure this dog wasn’t rabid though — just lost.

We got there and Melinda, Alise, and I stayed in the car to take some shots of Capt. Morgan Tattoo Rum. Then we made our way in and chilled. I ordered a glass of water with lemon. The waitress was either really friendly or mildly drunk but she was entertaining nonetheless. Alise, Melinda, and I went to the gas station later to get some chaser to go with the rum and we saw Paul there and roped him in and made him go to the X Room too.

After it was a night at Alise’s house for more drinking. It was a race to Keg ‘n’ Bottle.

The tall man.
“Where’s the band going?”

More pictures here ====>


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