Posted by: Patrick | November 30, 2007

Melinda’s Choir Recital.

Melinda had a choir recital at San Diego State and Alise and I were going to go.  Alise picked me up after work and we went to her house so she could get ready a bit.  We were running a little late and it didn’t help that it was pouring rain so we couldn’t speed for fear of a car accident.  We made it to the parking lot and the directions weren’t that clear in our memories so we were just going to walk aimlessly until we find it.  Fortunately, we made some educated guesses and found it pretty easily.  All I really remembered was that the fitness building is on the left and a “guy dressed in nice clothes” is at the door.

We didn’t walk for too long before we found it but all the seats were filled.  We saw Melinda’s brother and stood next to him and luckily two people got up and left so Alise and I could sit down.  There were two seats empty, apparently being saved by this one guy, when this dad came up and asked if he and his kids could sit there.  The man saving the seats said no and the dad left angry.  The dad came back pissed and picked up the jacket that was laying on the empty chair, threw it off the chair and sat down.  The man saving the seats grabbed his jacket, got up, stared the dad down and left.  Save the drama for the Drama Club… This is the choir.

Melinda’s mom thought Alise and I were brother/sister.


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