Posted by: Patrick | November 24, 2007

Charles’ Party.

Alise and Frankie came and picked me up and we headed to Bill’s house. Bill and Mike were there. I felt like a douche since I met Mike yesterday at the twins’ party but I didn’t remember anything after a certain point and he and Bill came to the party after it. I got to hear a funny story though about how I came up to the circle of people and poured some of my beer into Mike’s cup and hand and then just kept saying, “Jay kay, jay kay, jay kay!”. Also, apparently the mister misters came again and broke up the party later on in the night — something else I had no recollection of.

Well, after a round of shots at Bill’s house, we went to the Red Fox Room and they got a round of drinks. Alise and I left early to go to Charles’ house. Kelly, Nick, Thomas, Charles, Lauren, and some other people were all there. Melinda, Kevin, Frankie, Bill, and Nick came a little later. I invited two of my friends from high school over too that came later on in the night.

I was a little messed up and dropped a full wine bottle on the ground on accident that shattered on the floor outside. No bueno.

Frankie jumped into the pool.
Bathroom Myspace pics.
Vest Twins.

More pictures here ====>


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