Posted by: Patrick | November 23, 2007


I spent it with my dad’s side of the family. We usually go to my aunt’s house. She usually decks out her house for each holiday and makes an amazing dinner for everyone and this was no exception. I ate way too much for my own good and probably expanded my stomach twice its normal size but hey, Thanksgiving only comes once a year so its alright.

I, also, got to see my Aunt Peggy, who used to take care of us sometimes when my sister and I were little. She hadn’t been in contact with anyone in the family for a long time but she has been now. She has Alzheimer’s and kept forgetting who I was which was surprising. I’ve never seen Alzheimer’s in action and it was pretty sad to see that all the memories I’ve had with her are gone and she doesn’t remember any of the things we used to do and the way that she touched my life when I was little. She thought that I was my sister’s boyfriend. She asked what I wanted for a wedding gift. Ha.

I got home and then ate some dinner with my mom when I came back and fell asleep shortly after but the tv in my room woke me up. Damn technology. Go away! I’m sleeping.

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