Posted by: Patrick | November 21, 2007

Tanks Glibbing Eve.

Alise picked me up after she got off around 6pm. It was freaking so dark already that I thought we were about to be going somewhere ie. party or whatever but it was still way too early. We had some plans to go play beer pong and/or this house in North Park but both things ended up not happening and we did the usual of partying at Alise’s. Joe came over early and we went to pick up some beer and Melinda.

Anna Lee, Eric, and Desiree were there when we got back to Alise’s and more people came over as the night went on. Tony, Kevin, Frankie, and some others whose names I didn’t catch. There was some drama with friends of friends of friends or some shit like that but they left shortly after so things settled down. My night ended a little bit after that since I went to bed early.

Why? Why? Why? Why?
There’s a cop over there.
Tinneman Square comedy sketch with Eric.

More pictures here ====>



    i do not remember most of these

  2. …that was meee

  3. haha, you were a dance machine!

  4. FUCK!!!!!!! I ❤ NEGROS

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