Posted by: Patrick | November 18, 2007

Beauty Bar Beauty Contest Semi-Finals.

Emily and I went to the Beauty Bar for the Beauty Contest since her friend, Jenny, was going to be in it and, also, there was going to be free drinks — a hosted bar by Pink Vodka. We got there and saw Anthony and Justin and they were dressed up in nerd outfits for some reason. They had some really cool glasses on though that they got from Beowulf. I have to get me a pair!

We got two free drinks before the bar closed down and we waited to watch the show. There were three parts to it: evening gown, talent, and lingerie. We went to 7 11 so I can get a 211 inbetween the sets and Megan came when we got back in. Jenny’s talent was doing a cartwheel and downing a bottle of ketchup. Thats pretty gnarly. The host was Troy something from CityBeat but he was drunk while he was emceeing. He kept referring to the crowd as “indie fags” and making unfunny jokes the whole time. Someone should have just pulled out his mike.

For the talent comp, the first girl needed a volunteer so since I was right next to her, she had me help her out. I asked her, “What do I do?”, and she said, “Just throw goldfish at me” and hands me a bag of goldfish. She does her thing and walks down the runway and I grab a handful of goldfish and just chuck it at her. Then she’s a little surprised by it and says, “No, just one at a time in my mouth”. Ha. She didn’t say that the first time! It was pretty funny and everyone laughed.

We left after the show ended. Jenny didn’t win.

More pictures here ====>


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