Posted by: Patrick | November 17, 2007

Blue Meanie Records.

Melinda and Kevin came and picked me up to go to Alise’s house and hang out. We chilled there for a bit — Joe Durant, Desiree, Alise, and Frankie were all there — but then Melinda made plans to meet up with one of her friends — Nick — at his house. Melinda, Kevin, and I went to go stop by and say hi.

We got there and Nick and two of his friends were chilling in the garage. We had to keep it quiet because his parents were trying to sleep. Also, we weren’t allowed to touch the car but Melinda kept accidentally touching it. Ha. Brian and his friend came over and we all decided it would be better to hang out at the Blue Meanie because we could be as loud as we want over there since we would be the only ones there. They had all their music equipment there so they jammed for a bit. Then it was back to Alise’s for more mayhem.

Apples outta the trash.

More pictures here ====>



  1. apples outta trash 🙂

  2. trash diggaz.

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