Posted by: Patrick | November 10, 2007

Don’t Run With Scissors.

Alise came and picked Desiree and I up after work and then we went back to her house. Eder knew of a party by State so we were all going to go to it. We were originally going back to pick up Frankie but Tony came over and he rode with Tony. We made it to State and there was a mister mister on the side of the apartment building the party was at. We turned to find parking and another cop was guarding the other gated entrance. They had the place surrounded. Ha.

We took the long way to the middle gate since we didn’t want to provoke the cops by jaywalking in front of them and called Eder to open the door. We waited for a while — Kevin and Melinda came shortly after we arrived — but apparently the party was being talked to by the cops. We were about to leave when Eder came out and opened the gate. We went in for a bit but it was a ‘right on balboa’ so we all left and went back to Alise’s house for some late night fun.

We gathered our money and got a handle of Cap’n Mo — definitely a step up from our usual routine of low brow Vitali brand rubbing alcohol also known as Vodka. Then things got cah-ray-zee. My second grade teacher told me “Don’t run with scissors. That can be very dangerous” and I think I learnt the meaning of that today. You’ll see what I mean when you see the pics….

In the middle of the chaos, we went to go get food and Alise kept it classy in San Diego by bringing along her wine glass and sipping on it as we drove.  Ha.

OG Scissor Sisters.
Alise: “Make me look like a tranny.”
Patrick: “Done and done.”

More pictures here ====>




  1. haha look at my face as the night goes on!!!!

  2. haha i know. by the end, you look gone.

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