Posted by: Patrick | November 2, 2007

Melinda’s Birthday Cocktail Party.

I hope you guys prepared yourselves.

Melinda came and picked Amanda and I up early to run some errands and help decorate/get this thing together. We went to Wal-mart to get some things/take a fat shit in their bathroom. (Side note: I was waiting for everyone to vacate the bathroom before I took my dump so I was watching everyone’s feet to see if everyone was gone or not and this guy peed in the urinal, washed his hands, and then went in the stall next to me and took a dump. Is it just me or does that seem really weird??)

Amanda, Laura, and I put up some streamers up at Alise’s house and Kevin went to go get the alcohol. Then everyone started to get ready. Around 10pm, the party was getting started. We had a tub of jungle juice and Pabst and, of course, it was BYOB so whatever else people brought. My memory of everything after a certain time is very hazy. Remind me if I did something dumb/funny/embarrassing/idiotic/junglejuice.

Harry Potter.
Oh, by the way, your vag was showing.
Anna Lee ripped my jacket.
Just the Kennedys.

Theme Of The Night: tongues and Britney shots. (There were lots of both.)

More pictures here ====>



  1. You need to remove the first hairspray picture. i don’t know what happened, but I look like a man.

  2. send me the censored one!

  3. done and done.

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