Posted by: Patrick | October 30, 2007

Costume Contest — Vote For Me!!

I just entered a costume contest for American Apparel. I read a bulletin about the fact that AA was holding a contest and decided to check it out. I was reading the rules and to enter, your costume just needs at least one item of American Apparel in it and it has to be a prominent feature. Ex. you can’t be wearing AA underwear unless its worn on the outside. The item from American Apparel has to be visible.

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to go out of my way to put something together. The costume that I’ve been wearing — the nerd — I used AA Slim Slacks. I browsed my photos of this weekend and the last and submitted this gem:

Unfortunately, I’m getting some low scores so I’m asking for everyone to please vote for me. Just follow the below link and then click on “Start Scoring”. Then give me a 5. Please!! I need high scores people!

link link

UPDATE: As of 6:26pm, I’m in 171/275. I’ve gotten 8 Close Likenesses, 10 Funnys, and 5 sexys. 171st place isn’t that great. Get me higher, please. Oh, and my friend, Valerie, just told me that you can only vote once per computer so when you get on any other computer, vote again.

UPDATE: As of 9:41pm, I’m realizing I’m not going to win unless more people start giving me 5’s. Stats — Score: 1.75, Rank: 187/291, 2 Originals, 16 Close Likenesses, 21 Funnys, and, surprisingly, 12 sexys. More nerd lovers than I anticipated but at least people think its funny!

UPDATE: As of 11:57am the next day. Okay, so I’m pretty much not expecting to win at all. I just browsed the costumes and a lot of them are way better than mine and put more thought into it. I just looked at my closet really quick and put some stuff together in a minute but I’m pretty much stagnant at 1.74. Stats — Rank: 211/324, 3 Originals, 21 Close Likenesses, 25 Funnys, and 14 sexys. Who the hell is rating a nerd sexy!?!

UPDATE: As 11:53am 24 hours later, I’m definitely not going to win and over thinking I am but I just wanted to update the stats and show everyone how much I’m losing by. And its all your faults, by the way. Stats — Score: 1.67, Rank: 272/416, 6 Originals, 26 Close Likenesses, 31 Funnys, and (wtf!?!) 17 Sexys!?! Nerds aren’t suppose to be sexy. But anyway lets see how much further down the list I can go. Maybe 416/416? I’m kind of curious who is dead last. My costume isn’t all that creative so I’m surprised I’m not at the bottom of the barrel.

UPDATE:  11/07, I think the contest is over but at least my score went up a little.  It went to a 1.9.  Stats — Rank: 532/806, 8 Originals, 27 Close Likenesses, 32 Funnys, and 17 Sexys.  Ha.


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