Posted by: Patrick | October 27, 2007

Halloween Saturday.

Alise came and picked me up after work and we went back to her house to get ready. Kevin, Frankie, Mario, Rudy, and Nick were there. While the girls were getting ready, the guys went to a bar to drink and we were going to go to some parties. There was Nate’s band’s afterparty and then there was a costume party in PB.

We ended up going to the PB party since I couldn’t get a hold of Sara in time. We got to the party around midnight and it was still packed. Kait went outside to meet us dressed up as the crazy cat lady. Ha. The party was pretty chill and we left after Nick, who was supposed to be the DD, started drinking. No bueno.

Also no bueno, was this guy that tried to kiss me as I was waiting in line for the bathroom. He was ahead of me and when he came out of the bathroom, he leaned in really close to me and tried to kiss me. I backed up and he said, “Why is everyone acting so weird?” Maybe its because your trying to kiss everyone… I’m not sure if he was gay or just really drunk.

Later at Alise’s house, she and I had a photo sesh but I’ll put those up after I edit them better. They should be up soon.

More pictures here ====>


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