Posted by: Patrick | October 26, 2007

Eva’s 21st Birthday.


For Eva’s 21st birthday, she had a birthday dinner at Fillipi’s and then we barhopped down Garnet. Kait came and picked me up around seven-ish and we went to Target and Longs to pick some stuff up for her costume. She had a couple of different ideas rolling around — Elvira, Princess Leia, a crazy cat lady, etc. The crazy cat lady being the best.

She bought a bunch of kitten stuffed animals at Longs and she told the cashier that she sold them out of cats. I said, “I’d make an obvious joke right now but I’m not going to.” The cashier laughed and we assumed that he got what I was saying but then he said, “Yeah, who does she think she is?” Kait and I just looked at each other and laughed because that is definitely not the joke we were thinking about. It was more along the lines of ‘She bought all your pussy.’ What a naive old man.

Kait took a while to get ready so we ended up missing the dinner but we made it for the barhopping. The only good thing about her taking a long time was that I got drunk while I was waiting for her. We met up with everyone at Cabo but we left and spent most of the night at Typhoon Saloon. We stayed until closing. Then we walked to Sean’s house and partied a little more there and then we went to Jay’s house and partied even more. We didn’t get back til 7am. We went to the Jack In The Box by her house and were the first customers of the day. They were probably thinking we were raging alcoholics since we were drunk at such an early hour.

It was also my first day back on the job. Good shit.

More pictures here ====>

FYI: Click on the polaroids to make the picture expand.



  1. hahaha!! i like the three at the bottom!

  2. ha. the one i think is funniest with you in it is where you are getting teabagged by the giant ball sack.

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