Posted by: Patrick | October 22, 2007

America’s Firiest City.

There are these insane fires burning down the surrounding areas of San Diego. Many people evacuating their homes. Some people with homes burnt down.

I feel like my time would be more productive spending it volunteering my time at Qualcomm. It was opened as an evacuation center as many were filling up to capacity. I wish I had a car. I feel bad that I’m not doing anything to help.

I heard one of the fires was 100% contained. Unfortunately, it was one of the smaller ones and there are many more still raging.

UPDATE 430pm: 250,000 evacuees compared to 50,000 in the fire four years ago. Whoa. This is getting crazy.

UPDATE 9pm: I went to the fires. I have pictures and video. I will report back when I can.

UPDATE next day 8pm: I’m still in East County and I will try and put up the video and pictures when I get home.

UPDATE next day 1030pm: First picture up. I’m tired and want to sleep in my bed so I’ll post more tomorrow. I’m working on the video tomorrow morning.

More pictures here ====>


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