Posted by: Patrick | October 22, 2007

Champagne Jam / Fire Party.

Melinda and Kevin picked me up for a “champagne jam” or what I call a fire party. People in Miami and other parts of the country where hurricanes hit have hurricane parties so we had a fire party. We just needed a break from the craziness of nonstop raging fires, smoky horizons, devastating losses, horrible air quality, and intense media coverage.

Later in the evening, we made a couple of trips to go see the fires since we were close and could see them from our street on the top of the hill.

“We better watch out for wolves….
If we’re walking to grandma’s house.”

This fire is outta control,
Its gonna burn this city, burn this city

More [NSFW] pictures here ====>



  1. OH MY GOD.

  2. Should I censor these? There is nudity and bestiality. Ha. I think I will until further notice.

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