Posted by: Patrick | October 21, 2007

Amanda’s Birthday Dinner.

Alise came and picked me up for Amanda’s birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Fashion Valley. When I walked outside, it smelled like smoke and it was really hazy outside. I asked her if there was a fire and she said there was two going on — one down south and one by Rancho. We were saying how eerie it was that it was right around the same time as last time. Almost to the exact day.

We got there and met up with everyone. Amanda, Nick, Melinda, Kevin, Laura, Tyler, and Nickie. Our table was ready shortly after and we got this huge round table in the corner. Damon, Eva’s ex, was working but I didn’t get to say hello since he was pretty busy. The food was good and the atmosphere was chill. I’ve never been there before but only about it since Damon worked there.

My stomach was hurting so I was feeling a little ‘no bueno’.

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  1. […] I still don’t know what the cause is. I could rule out the possibility of it being caused by the fires in any way since when I got it last time it was two years after the Cedar fire and I don’t believe we’ve had any since besides the occasional brush fire.  My stomach was hurting the day the fires started but I think it was purely coincidental.  Read here. […]

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