Posted by: Patrick | October 20, 2007

Thomas’ Costume Party.

After Jessie’s costume birthday party, we met up with Mary and Morgan at Mary’s house since they were coming with us to Thomas’. We chilled there while Mary and Morgan were getting their costumes ready and then headed out.

Apparently, the cops were called before we got there and people left. We arrived around midnight-ish. Thomas and the rest put together this sick haunted house in their garage with a real coffin, room of death, and some other things. The keg wasn’t tapped yet and I got to drink some beer before leaving around an hour later.

My favorite picture is the one below that I call “Just The Girls.”

[whispers]: I think he’s hitting on you.
“You’re right… They are over there.”

After we left, we went to Buenos Dias and got food. Alise and I got a carnitas burrito. Soo good. Also, Frankie didn’t have an outfit so he just wore some of Melinda’s clothes: a dress, and a jacket paired with Alise’s wig and he decided to top it all off by going “commando”.

More pictures here ====>


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