Posted by: Patrick | October 19, 2007

Kevin’s 21st Birthday Party.

Kevin had his 21st birthday party at — where else? of course! — Alise’s house. Amanda and Melinda decorated the place with balloons and streamers and banners. Alise came and picked me up early and I helped blow up some balloons and move some furniture. Due to the mister misters, the party was to be kept in the inside of the house. We cleared out the rugs and coffee table and set up a beer pong table inside.

Kevin got off late so everyone had already started drinking/was drunk before he got there but I’m sure he caught up fast. The beer bong in the living room and the beer pong in the dining room made the tile floor really slippery. Having shoes with hardly any traction, I spent most of the time on the floor or in the process of falling down. Ha. Every joint in my body feels bruised — both of my knees are, on of my elbows is, and two knuckles on my right hand feel sore.

If I was a modern day Andy Warhol, I’ve found my Edie.
This party was officially sponsored by Pabst.
The newly instated: Honeymoon Chair — not to be confused for the Honeymoon Pose.

More pictures here ====>




  1. Well at least alise is photogenic….

  2. Yeah, but we knew that already.

    You know, when you leave a comment you can leave your name (you don’t have to but FYI) but I’m assuming that last comment is Charles.

  3. That was the stickiest floor ever. And you are the only one who makes me look decent in picture, PTT. I love you!

  4. Yesh, that floor kicked my ass. It was crazy. And some people are just more photogenic than others and you are one of them that are. I love you too!

  5. wowza..i look forward to those parties at alise’ guys are very fun..very nice artsy eye!..i stole all the pictures of me n the balloon baby

  6. Thats why they are here! And we love partying with you too!

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