Posted by: Patrick | October 17, 2007

Wednesday Night At The Dog.

Dollar night at The Dog.

Amber called and said she wanted to hang out so she came and picked me up. We met up with Kim at her boyfriend’s work — Zensai Sushi. They ordered some rolls and we drank some shots of Sake. Four little bottles, if I remember correctly. We hung out there for a while until they closed and then we headed to PB.

Amber, Kim, Josh and I got to The Dog around 11:30pm and it was a Mission Bay High School Reunion. I saw Allan and Jay and I was with Kim and Amber who also went there. Kait was there too and Linda came back to the bar when we got there to chill.

Amber couldn’t drive yet after the bar closed so we went to Jay’s house and hung out for a while. I played chess with this Russian guy and he kicked my ass. He had a bottle of JD too so I continued my streak from the night before.

It was a fun night and when Amber drove me home, we saw a skunk just hanging out so I took a picture of it. It’s the last picture.

More pictures here ====>


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