Posted by: Patrick | October 17, 2007


I went to the interview. I was really thinking I wasn’t going to go. I was so hungover. I threw up a couple times this morning and I was really not expecting to be feeling better by 2pm, which is when my interview was.

I sucked it up and took a shower and shaved. I felt utterly dreadful the whole time. I’m not too optimistic about getting the job, though. Chris, who I’m assuming is the hiring manager, didn’t really ask me a lot of questions. I think he asked me two! He just went over my resume — which is pretty unimpressive — and said “Alright. Well, I have a couple other people coming in today so I’ll just give you a call.”

That’s pretty much code for “I’m not going to hire you.” And I’m still hungover….  Oh yeah! I was also thirty minutes late.  Not a good thing but I figured it was better to be late, then not show up.

Random Moment: I was walking back from the store I applied to and this person sitting in the backseat passenger side of an SUV yelled something like “Whoo hoo” and looked at me and pumped his fist up and down until they drove away. I didn’t get to see the face so I don’t know if I know the person or if it was just a random stranger that decided to yell at me.

Random Fact: Gas stations rarely have one dollar bills. I went to two gas stations and asked for change. They both didn’t have any ones and the guy working at the second gas station said its rare to have ones these days.



  1. maybe this is why you do not have a job?

  2. Very true. I didn’t plan on being hungover or drinking the night before but it happened. Oh well. I know… excuses, excuses.

    By the way, who is this?

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