Posted by: Patrick | October 16, 2007

Linda’s First Tattoo.

I went with Linda to get her first tattoo. She had an appointment at Avalon in PB at 7:30pm. She came and got me and we went to Dave’s house to drink a beer and Linda wanted to smoke some bowls before she got her tattoo. We chilled there for a little bit and headed out to Avalon.

Dave and I went to Limonz to get some food and met up with his friend, David. When we were walking back Linda was already done. It was super quick. She got “1904” tattooed on her wrist.

Then we went to Moondoggies and Longboard’s later to go see Kasia’s band play.  Joe was there and some of Kasia’s friends, too.  It was also David’s 21st birthday so we were celebrating that and Linda’s first tattoo.  Linda got him a bottle of Jack Daniels and we went back and forth to the car to go take some shots.  No chaser.

More pictures here ====>



  1. Fun times, fun times…

  2. Yes, it was. Hopefully, there will be many many more like it.

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