Posted by: Patrick | October 11, 2007

Wikipedia Rules.

I’ve don’t really use Wikipedia that often but when I do it never ceases to amaze me. I always try to find something it doesn’t have an article or definition for and yet to find one thing. It even has a definition of the band I’m listening to right now: Captain Ahab!

Captain Ahab is an electropop duo based in Los Angeles, California. They refer to their sound, a DIY take on dance music, as ravesploitation. The band is made up of Jonathan Snipes and Jim Merson. A typical Captain Ahab live performance consists of playback of recorded beats from a computer and vigorous singing by both members of the band. While performing, members of Captain Ahab are usually partially undressed, covered in sweat, and constantly forcing themselves into physical contact with members of the audience. While their lyrics are satirically misogynistic, their live performance is thoroughly homoerotic.”

Wikipedia rules!


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