Posted by: Patrick | October 11, 2007

National Coming Out Day.

So as I was meandering through the world of the web, I found out that today is National Coming Out Day. No, simply coming out of the house isn’t sufficient enough to celebrate this holiday. It refers to “coming out of the closet” and declaring your sexual orientation as being gay.

I’ve never heard of this holiday in my life so I figured it was some sort of new holiday. I wikipedia’ed (?) it and found out it has been around almost as long as I have. It was started in 1988!

Well, the whole thing made me think what I would think if someone I knew really well “came out” to me. I definitely would feel special that they chose me as someone close enough to share that detail with. What would you do if one of your friends/family members came out to you?

Maybe I’ll come out in celebration of today… (I’m secretly one of the X-Men.) Ha.

Photo credit: Keith Haring



  1. So, you aren’t gay and you blogged about National Coming Out Day? I have to say, that’s pretty cool.

  2. Well, thank you.

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