Posted by: Patrick | October 10, 2007


I went to go apply for this job far from my house yesterday so I used the trolley. The day was going fine until someone sat across from me. You know when a person brushes by you really quickly you sometimes smell their cologne/perfume/scent for a split second. Well, when this person sat down across from me, a breeze of a malodorous scent just pummeled me in my seat and it wasn’t for a quick moment. It lasted the whole trip. I just wanted to move but there was no where else to sit. I was trapped.

How come its always the bad scents that linger?

I think that the trolley should have some sort of scent detector at the door. If you smell to a certain, unpleasant degree, you are refused a ride on that trolley. Or at least a seat near me.

PS. The above picture is of my friend Vanessa on the trolley on the way back from my first Comic-Con.

PPS. I’ve painted a picture of this picture.



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