Posted by: Patrick | October 10, 2007

I’ve Hit The Jackpot.

Or something like it. While rummaging through my photos in search of a trolley picture for the last post, I stumbled upon an old folder with lots of pictures that I forgot existed. No pictures turned up when looking through my recent photos. I sat there in front of my computer and checked my mental database. I knew I had at least one photo that had to do with the trolley. Then it hit me.

I had this picture of my friend, Vanessa, looking out of the trolley window. A picture that for some reason has always struck me as somewhat impressive. Maybe its the vacant look in her eyes. Maybe its the blatant advertisement for Pat and Oscar’s. Or maybe its because it reminds me of a time when everything was fun. I don’t know…

But, anywho, that memory guided me to a folder on my computer with lots of images from my first camera. I completely forgot I even had that camera, let alone the pictures from it. I actually still have it but its broken in a drawer somewhere. I got it shortly after graduating high school. I never asked for much from my parents in terms of gifts and presents when I was little and that continues to this day but a camera — any camera — was something I did ask for.

The images from it aren’t good. I was still experimenting with this interest in photography but it fueled my excitement about it. I will post — slowly — these pictures with the dates that they were taken on so you can find them in my archives and I’ll put links up in this post to the first posts that I put up WHEN I get to it. I’m too busy/lazy to do it right now. They were all taken in the ’04.

PS. I’ve decided to give my [PS.]’s their own post. This post was actually a part of the Trolley post as one of the many PS’s on it. Many reasons for making PS.’s their own posts but I won’t go into it. So this is the last PS. ever.

PPS. The picture is of my sister’s toy French Poodle when she first got it. Here is a more recent picture of him. And this is definitely the last PPS.

UPDATE:  I just looked through the photos and most of them aren’t post quality.  So you probably won’t be seeing them.


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