Posted by: Patrick | October 9, 2007


Let’s rewind through time to exactly one week ago. I was job hunting around town and doing errands most of the day. One stop was the bank to deposit some cash. I walk into my bank and go to the deposit slip counter to fill one out. I look over to my right and there is the phone that I’ve been wanting for so long. I look around and one of the managers was walking around and glanced in my direction for a second. I dodge his stare and finish writing out my slip. I try to write it really slow to maybe buy time and either someone picks this phone up on their way out and stops my obsession with taking it or until I just grab it and put it in my pocket.

Thousands of things things run through my head: things my parents taught me about not stealing, how much I’ve been wanting that phone and its literally just laying there, how much longer am I going to pretend to fill out this slip when its already done and then finally the fact that I’ve lost things in my life and how grateful I was when it was returned. That did it. I purged the devil on my shoulder telling me to take it.

When I went up to the teller, I informed her that a phone was left on the counter and I gave it to her since I’m sure the owner would retrace his/her steps and find it in the bank. But before leaving, I told her if no one claims this phone within a short amount of time I want it. She wrote down my number and said she’d call.

Okay, now lets fast forward to today. I went back to the bank and luckily I got a different teller. I originally told her that “if no one claims it in 30 days, I want it.” Its only been a week so I was hoping I didn’t get her. Luckily I didn’t. She helped the person in front of me. I deposit a check and tell her that I found a phone a while back and it was mentioned that I would be able to keep it if no one claimed it. Unfortunately, the line was long and she said she’d call me when it dies down and she is able to look for it but she said she would definitely call today. I’m practically praying all day that its still in their possession. I wait a couple hours and I get the call…

Nope. Well, if I didn’t get the phone, maybe there is some good karma coming my way in some form to recognize my good deed to the owner of the Samsung Blackjack. I really would have liked the phone, though.

Or maybe its the world telling me to just take it next time.

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