Posted by: Patrick | October 8, 2007

Random Search Terms #2.

So a while ago, I wrote about the wonderful fact that gives you “Blog Stats” and how my favorite of those stats are what the person writes in Google, Yahoo, whatever it is, to bring them to your page with hilarious outcomes sometimes.

Well, here is installment two:

his belly button
fat guy
touching boobs in parties

I’m not even sure why the first person was searching for “his belly button” and it makes me wonder who “he” is and why this particular person’s belly button is so important to look for. Maybe a navel fetish?

The fat guy search term I’m even surprised it even led to me. I don’t consider myself fat or this being a blog about a fat guy or even having a fat guy as a friend or even remember writing anything about any fat guy.

The last one is just creepy. I don’t get why anyone who isn’t a pervert is searching for “touching boobs in parties”. Maybe the person got really wasted last night and is aware of his perverted ways and wanted to check up on himself to see if he did anything wrong the previous night since he woke up with puke on his shirt and his pants around his ankles outside of someone’s window.

Random Search Terms #1.



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