Posted by: Patrick | October 5, 2007

Zombie Lounge.

I went out with Amanda to the Zombie Lounge. She got me a fourty of Budweiser and herself a 24 (or 32?) of St. Pauli’s Girl and we drank in the car before we went in. We parked really close to the door so we had to be sly about it.  The need to urinate overcame us before finishing so we went in to use the restrooms and then came back out to finish our drinks.

Two bands played — there were supposed to be three but one canceled and so they dropped the price of the cover to $3. I just read on Zombie’s Myspace that it was the Turbonegro afterparty which explained the genre of bands that were there. During one of the bands, there was this really drunk guy that was thrashing around and ran into Amanda really hard and then, later, tried hitting on her and getting her to go with him to his friend’s house. The friend came and talked to us later and his stepmom is a notorious serial killer — Candy Killer or something like that. I don’t really remember.

While waiting for Amanda to get out of the bathroom, this guy comes up and asks if I’m in line. I tell him I’m not and I said, “I bet this one gets out first” pointing at the one Amanda is in. He digs in his pocket and takes out a fat wad of cash and says, “How much do you want to bet?” Luckily, I didn’t bet him because the bathroom I didn’t bet on was the next one free. Before entering the bathroom he says, “Don’t rob me when I leave the bar.”

I forgot my camera in the car so when we left the bar I guess I compensated for that and just started taking a bunch of pictures as we were driving. We picked up some Jack In The Box before heading home.

More pictures here ====>


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