Posted by: Patrick | October 4, 2007

Job Hunting.

It seems like I am always “job hunting” but I never seem to find a job. I’ve realized the problem and its that I don’t actively look for a job. I just go on Craigslist and see a few jobs I could apply for but then that is as far as it goes. This time, that will change. I’m setting a goal for myself to find a job this month so cross your fingers.

I started on Tuesday and went out to Pacific Beach and applied for a job and today Kimmie sent me a link to a job that I applied to as well. She “thought of [me] when [she] saw this on craigslist check it out šŸ™‚” And I plan on applying Downtown at the mall or the malls in Mission Valley. Ugh, this month is going to suck but it’ll be worth it when I get some money!

PS. This is one of the few pictures on my blog that is not taken by me. It was the first image that appeared when I Google Image searched “job”.

PPS. I just got a paycheck today from the three hours of working at Jamba Juice. Ha.



  1. Good for you! With your new outlook, I am sure you’ll find something in no time.


  2. Yeah, you were right. I did.

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