Posted by: Patrick | September 18, 2007

Fly Cannibalism.

I was working on some photos when this fly was buzzing near my computer. It accidently, or maybe on purpose, flew into the fan in my computer tower. The fan made a slight noise and then it tossed the fly back out onto my computer desk. It was pretty disgusting watching it twitch (little did I know what was coming next) so I squashed it with some Post-Its.

I turned to see if it was still alive and noticed a shit load of guts. AND THEY WERE MOVING! I looked a little closer and realized the fly was pregnant and when I squished it, it released all the maggots. Just when I thought it was disgusting enough, the maggots all started moving towards the fly and they started eating it. It’s weird to be able to say, “I’ve never witnessed cannibalism in person before today” but I wish I could say otherwise.

Here’s a video: (At 1:00m, two maggots on top of the fly start battling it out for rights to King Of The Hill.

PS. I beat a personal record of most views in one day that was broken just yesterday again.
PPS. I’m working on making the blog look a little better. The party photos page is redone and I’m debuting (but slowly) a new look to PTTphotos. You can see what I’m talking about with the October archives. The photos are more grungy and less colorful. I’m starting to redo things from the oldest to, eventually, the newest.

More pictures here ====>



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