Posted by: Patrick | September 14, 2007

Small World, Again.

So as I was talking about yesterday (the whole “small world” feeling), I was watching the news a little bit ago and they were telling a story of a gardener who had his truck hijacked. His truck was stolen and he managed to jump into the bed of the truck before the thief took off with. He called the police from his cell phone while still in the bed and they pursued the truck from Hillcrest to Kearny Mesa.The news story cut to a video of the cops arresting the perpetrator. He is on the ground and being handcuffed faced down. He looks at the camera and I recognize the face. Its someone who went to elementary or Jr. high school with me.

I just found the article. Just type in this URL:

The article says that Kenneth, the guy I went to school with, thought he was in Mexico and that he was probably intoxicated.

I just found the video! It was on 10 News website. Go here to watch the video.


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