Posted by: Patrick | September 13, 2007

Paths Cross.

I was just looking at some old photos from earlier this year that I was redoing to put in old posts (since I used to be lazy and only put seven pictures up maximun when I would take about 100) and I spotted some people in the photos that I eventually met and actually hung out with or had conversations with without knowing that I’ve ever seen them before. An example would be the party pictured above. I saw in the background two people that I’ve since met: one being a friend of a friend of a friend and the other being someone’s boyfriend/fling or whatever it was. Neither of them are pictured, though.

Its amazing how people’s paths cross in this life. I’ve lived most of my life in San Diego with a short stint in Las Vegas for about a year and then moved back to San Diego. When I went back to school, one of the people in my class said they recognized me from somewhere but couldn’t place where.

I told him, “You probably don’t. I just moved back from Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.”

Then it hit him. He said, ” Oh yeah I have met you. It was at Circus Circus and we played [insert video game name here. I don’t remember it anymore] together.”

I think that was the most intense feeling of the “small world” syndrome I’ve ever had or at least that I can remember right now. But here in San Diego its pretty much a common occurence. Everyone is friends with someone else whose friends with the guy/girl that checked you out at Vons or that’s sitting next to you on the park bench or etc. but it’s still strange when it happens.

PS. I’ve crossed the 1,000 hits mark since August 2007 when I started my WordPress blog. That’s pretty good since this is just a personal blog.

PPS. The girl in the front seems to be having the time of her life. I like pictures where the people look like/are having lots of fun.


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