Posted by: Patrick | September 10, 2007

Random Search Terms.

I love that has the blog stats page where you can check to see how many people visit your blog. My favorite feature is the “Search Engine Terms” where you can see what people type into Google or Yahoo! and somehow stumble onto your page. I think its funny how random some search terms are sometimes that lead people to my page like this one: ‘Jonathon Taylor Thomas crotch’. Ha. Who the fuck is looking for that?

Well, every so often I think I’m going to post the ones that I think are random, weird, or ones I think shouldn’t lead people to my blog but do.

whole back pierced
Jonathon Taylor Thomas crotch
pat taylor tattoos
beyonce with piercing
vanessa pat taryn ma

24th birthday Cakes

PS. Lots of people searching for piercings end up on my page. Weird.
PPS.  Today marked the first time this new blog has gotten 100+ views in one day.



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