Posted by: Patrick | September 1, 2007


Alise came and got me and Desiree after work since she was having people over. After we got there, we went to the store. Like a ‘tard, I completely forgot my batteries for my camera in the charger at home so I had to go and buy some. The lady that checked us out didn’t accept an Arizona ID card because it didn’t expire for fifty years and she thought it was fake. What a dumb idiot. She said that Vons only accepts “California” ID’s and I know that’s a load of crap.

We ended up getting some Joose at 7-11 and then going back. I didn’t end up going to bed until 8am or something. Ha. Alise passed out outside, everyone was punching everyone else, Frank got cut and was bleeding from the cheek, Joe and Juice went to get beer at 6 in the morning, I spilled beer on my crotch accidentally and it looked like I pissed myself, Desiree’s first beer bong, and it was my “bi-arth-day”.

Spill the wine.

More pictures here ====>



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