Posted by: Patrick | August 30, 2007

Victorian Vanessa.

I went on a photoshoot with Vanessa at some old Victorian style houses. She was wearing an old lace dress with Victorian style shoes, gloves, and parasol. Luckily, there weren’t that many people around to watch and stare but the pictures turned out good.

Getting there seemed like it took forever. We didn’t know exactly where they were but we had a general idea and figured we would remember once we were in the area. We got there and couldn’t find anything that looked remotely like a Victorian house. We saw a museum and asked the guy working where it was. He gave us some bad directions and we were driving around in circles for fifteen minutes so we came back and gave us a number we could call. Luckily, they knew the exact address and we made it… thirty minutes later.

The above picture is a sample of what we took. I’ll post more as I edit them.



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  2. i too live in san diego

  3. cool, i checked out your stuff and its pretty good. i like it.

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