Posted by: Patrick | August 30, 2007

Birthday Dinner With Amber.

Amber took me out for dinner for my birthday. I was in the mood for ribs so we went to Outback in Mission Valley since she said they have ribs there. It was either that or Chili’s and I don’t think I know where a Chili’s is. We ordered a Bloomin’ Onion, Baby Back Ribs, an Outback Special, a Gold Coast margarita, and a Corona. I didn’t even come close to finishing my ribs since the bread and the fried onion was so filling. I think I ate only three ribs. Ha.

After we ate, we walked around the mall for a bit since Amber needed some time to walk around. She doesn’t drink that often and didn’t want to drive since the margarita made here a little tipsy. We went into Target so I could get some batteries for my camera. Then we just walked around taking some pictures.

Then we walked to the food court to use the bathrooms and the shittiest thing happened. I set down my hat and camera in the sink and used the toilet. Then I walked back to pick up my camera and the faucet was one with those automatic sensors. A stream of water shot on my camera and since it was sitting in my hat, the hat created a pool where the water just sat. I grabbed my camera and dried it off with paper towels. There is no way I’m turning it on for about a day.

More pictures here ====>

The view from inside of a microwave.



  1. […] 1st, 2007 Okay, so I just tried to turn on my camera. The first time since the incident happened and it is fine. It’s probably because I gave it a day for all the water to dry out […]

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