Posted by: Patrick | August 24, 2007

The Zombie Lounge.

Emily and Megan picked me up from Brian and Grissel’s new place and we went to the Zombie Lounge. On the way there, some Hummer limo pulled up next to us with the windows down and the people in it were telling us to park the car and jump in. We didn’t. Ha. We did an obligatory birthday shot since my birthday was coming up in a couple days and watched the band. We left after a while to go to some other bars.

The first one we went to was Kadan and the doorman didn’t even get to check my ID before we decided not to go there. We, then, went to Scolari’s. We didn’t stay long and when we left, I saw Chase putting some music equipment in a truck. Apparently, his band played earlier in the night and Taryn and Anthony were there.

Then it was back to Zombie. It was really apparent that Megan was drunk. I wish I had her tolerance. I was pretty much sober. I ordered a drink and we watched this band play –12 cent. They were pretty entertaining to watch. The music wasn’t exactly my style but it didn’t sound that bad. We left and headed to Megan’s house to drink more but everyone pretty much just went to sleep.

More pictures here ====>


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