Posted by: Patrick | July 22, 2007

BBQ Afterparty.


Before it got dark, Taryn picked Autumn and I up from the barbeque and we headed to Autumn’s house a block from the beach. We chilled and played Drunk Driver with wine shots which is definitely a first for me. Then we got beer and chilled in the front yard the rest of the night.


The craziest people walk around at night. Ha. I saw this guy that I met at the Full Moon Drum Circle and he walked up to us asking for a cigarette and he said he knew me. After he started talking, I realized where and when I met him. He was rolling so he left after a bit to hit the beach. Then after midnight, these Irish people came and hung out with us. I was being a douche to them for some reason. I don’t even know why I was being rude but eventually I was nice to them.


The next morning, Taryn said I was grabbing her ass. Ha. I don’t even remember doing that.

More pictures here ====>












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