Posted by: Patrick | July 7, 2007


Um… so a pipe leaked in my house and got my room soaking wet. The carpets were drenched and it took a couple of days for someone to come out and fix the problem. The whole time my room smelt like mildew and mold or whatever that smell is but its disgusting.

Then when they came, they didn’t even do anything on the first day except say they had to do it tomorrow so theres another day of sleeping in that ungodly smelling room. Then they fixed it and the carpet didn’t dry for a couple of days and still smelled foul. Then the carpets needed to get replaced and that took another week. Why does everything that needs to happen take so fucking long?

But they replaced it yesterday. They were supposed to come at 1pm so we took everything out of our house and just put it outside because nothing could be in there if there are replacing the floors. So everything I own is sitting outside FOR SIX HOURS. They finally arrive at 6pm and then my stuff is still sitting outside for TWO HOURS while they fix everything. PLUS I had to move everything all day so I was exhausted. SHIT HOLE. I’m glad yesterday is over. Lets move on…

Good news… I got a new phone but more like ‘new to me’. My mom found a phone she didn’t need and that works with my phone. Awesome. Now my calls won’t cut out because of my old stupid phone. Read about it here.

OH yeah!! Fourth of July rocked. Mel, Alise, Kevin, and Lauren camped out in Mission Bay at 2am and got drunk. Then after a short nap, Brandon came and woke us up and since I was the only one up, I went on a walk with him as he was tripping on acid. F rom our spot, we walked around the bay and went to World Famous and drank Mimosas at 8am. Got the day started right. Then more walking and more drinking and then back to World Famous for more Mimosas. Then more drinking at his house. Then went back to our spot on the bay and Leanna was there. More people kept showing up. Kelly, Shane, James, Kait, etc. Fun times. Shane and James got arrested. Ha. That was lame. But overall a good time.


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