Posted by: Patrick | June 25, 2007

Phone Downgrade.

Since the year started, I’ve downgraded the quality of phone I’ve been using and not on purpose. I started the year off with my Blackberry which I loved but it started giving me problems. It didn’t receive calls all the time, the reception was poor, the battery would always fall out, and it was missing some parts but then it was destroyed on New Years Day early in the morning. I then used the phone I used before my Blackberry: my Nokia 3300. The problem with using that phone was that it had issues of its own, hence me getting my Blackberry. I used it for a while and then it too started giving me problems. The battery would die within a day, the phone would think a headset was plugged in so it would make me use the speakerphone, then the speakerphone button didn’t work rendering it completely useless. I’ve been using my first phone that I’ve ever had that I got in the nineties which is actually the older version of the third phone in the picture!

Needless to say, my phone sucks. If anyone has an old Cingular phone they don’t use, let me have it please! I can’t afford to buy one right now… and you would just be an amazing human being for doing it.


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